A person visits a brand's e-commerce site, does not convert online but comes directly to the store. At first glance, if you do not establish the link between the two, online acquisition budgets may seem useless. In this case, however, they are at the source of the purchase.2 scenarios stand out today:

  1. The implementation of a tool to track omnichannel sales makes it possible to show at what level the Web contributes to in-store sales. In the end, this makes it possible to adjust your online budget upward
  2. Stores may think that the website is a competitor to their business; setting up omnichannel monitoring makes it possible to prove that this is not the case and that digital investments also contribute to turnover.

How Alphalyr tracks omnichannel for its retail customers

Several approaches make it possible to reconcile offline and online data to reconstruct a customer's journey. A brand has its customer base (CRM). For each newsletter sent, we integrate a specific pixel. When the person receives and clicks on this newsletter, the URL returns their encrypted email address to us.Then, when going to the store for a purchase, the seller asks the customer for their email address.This is sent back to us (always) in an encrypted manner; the encryption key being the same, we can reconciling data and make the link between a visitor and an end customer in a store.This reconciliation is built over time after the system is setup.The good news is that once you have the user ID, the tracked journey is available in its entirety, whether it goes to Google, Facebook... This is the first scenario.The second involves having a strategy to encourage customers to create an account and of course to visit Connect to it (Login) at each visit: this allows you to retrieve your email address and again, to be able to cross it securely with in-store payments.What Alphalyr reports: the percentage of omnichannel sales, sales turnover and omnichannel ROAS per channel and per campaign.

The key to extended omnichannel coverage: loyalty and login incentives

We have already published a tutorial onHow to increase the connection to member accounts (and the acceptance rate of cookies, while we're at it...) .Some techniques work particularly well:

  • offer the wishlist feature only to logged in members
  • create flash or private sales whose prices are accessible to members only
  • .. same for discounts/registration codes
  • Set up games that allow you to retrieve a person's email

In any case, an attractive loyalty program makes it much easier to capture an email address! Below, the e-commerce site Cabaia uses a fun approach that allows (among other things) to recover emails:

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