As recently announced, Google Analytics 3 will stop working in July 2023.

Concretely, you therefore do not have only a few weeks left to organize your migration to GA4, Otherwise you will lose your N-1 history.

Yes, you have to start now!

Here are the key dates to remember so far:

  • July 1, 2023: Existing Universal Analytics properties will no longer be available.
  • October 1, 2023: The processing of Google Analytics 360 properties will be extended only once, until October 1, 2023.

After this date, new calls will no longer be processed in Universal Analytics, but it will still be possible to access the data collected previously, “for a period of at least 6 months”.

However, Google strongly recommends exporting report history for affected businesses, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

And then?

Google has not yet set a final end date for the old version of Analytics. This day will mark the impossibility of accessing the data reports, neither from the interface, nor from the API.

As a reminder, Google Bet on this GA4 version to comply and get out of CNIL/EU illegality, resulting in an acceleration of the transition:”the previous and current versions of Google Analytics do not allow the Internet user's IP address to be anonymized without first hosting them outside the EU. GA4 is capable of it... Google Analytics 4 will no longer store IP addresses

Our recommendation: migrate to GA4 from July 2022

To have at least N-1 history, it is essential to migrate to Google Analytics 4 by the beginning of July.

Example of migration schedule:

  1. Activation of GA4 standard tracking
  2. Activation of improved Ecommerce tracking (if the tagging plan is already implemented)
  3. Activation of GA4 custom tracking: events/objectives/ reports and dashboards/custom dimensions/etc.

The migration schedule must of course be adapted according to your specific profile.

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