Discover the testimony of Marion Almairac, Digital Manager at Adopt, and how Alphalyr supports its data projects.

  • Adopt in a few words

Adopt is a company that was created in 1986 by Dominique Molun whose conviction was that the olfactory sense was a key element in our well-being. From this conviction was born a fight: great perfumes should not be reserved for a privileged circle. Adopt thus now offers more than 150 high quality fragrances, made in France, created by great noses, at accessible prices and respectful of the planet.

  • The context: the major challenge of data-based management

As a digital manager, it is important for me to be supported by data analysis to manage my business. When I arrived at Adopt, I quickly identified our needs in terms of tracking. We therefore took advantage of a redesign project to upgrade the site's tracking plan and ensure data feedback in an optimized manner in Google Analytics.At the same time, the development of the brand prompted us to consider common thread support to allow the deployment of new acquisition levers and the implementation of the various Tags in GTM. It was essential to support our business. Finally, we were considering GA4 activation and I knew that Alphalyr was the right partner to do it.

  • Why did you choose Alphalyr?

Alphalyr has been following me since I started. I had the chance to work alongside them at SMCP and continued to use their services at Minelli. Everything went very well so we started again when I joined Adopt. The exchanges are very transparent, very simple, we understand each other quickly. Data is not that simple: there are complex technological points to understand at the business level. Knowing how to explain it with simple words to transcribe to management is not always easy: Marie-Lou (Cipolat, co-founder editor's note) knows how to do it particularly well and that makes everyone feel confident. Alphalyr has this ability to explain complex topics, which I really appreciate.

Alphalyr is at the forefront of everything that happens and shares news and white papers with us. We know that we are going to adapt and we are growing with them in terms of tools and tracking

  • What benefits and results have you seen?

As for results, I have an adapted tracking plan, which allows me to send back the data I need in Google Analytics, and a good organization with properties and views by country: that's nickel.All my tags are set, I know that it is controlled, I know that it is controlled, that we can remove them, that we can remove them, clean them, understand them... and by dint of exchanging, we have increased our skills on subjects like GTM.In terms of data therefore, I think that you are clean and up to date. We are currently preparing a Google Data Studio with the teams.

  • How did Alphalyr allow you to improve your monitoring and the quality of your analytical data?

Concretely, Alphalyr accompanies us on specific missions:

  • Upgrading the tagging plan
  • The creation of events
  • GA4 activation
  • Setting up a Google Data Studio
  • The installation of lever tags in GTM
  • the daily management of our cookie banner...


  • Do you have an anecdote or a particular experience to share about your collaboration with Alphalyr?

I know that as soon as I see a specific subject going on from a CNIL point of view, cookies, tags, RGPD, etc. related to Alphalyr's activity, and that this raises a lot of concerns and questions about the fact that we are on the right path, I call Marie-Lou and she answers me right away, we make a point, she reassures me as if she were an internal partner. 

I don't have the feeling that Alphalyr is an external partner!

Another great quality of the Alphalyr teams is to be able to explain data topics clearly and precisely. They have a sense of pedagogy that allows them to be confident and to develop their skills.

  • Do you want to add anything about the Adopt x Alphalyr experience?

Don't underestimate data: it's a key point for the people who drive the business. A partner like Alphalyr ensures the reliability of data on tools such as Google Analytics and this then allows me to work in the best conditions on a daily basis. My experience has shown me that it is necessary to be accompanied by experts, especially since these are missions that can take time internally.

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