Understand & optimize your omnichannel customer journeys

With Marketing Studio, make your tracking reliable with our natively omnichannel GDPR-compliant solution for  attribution, contribution and deduplication. Maximize the ROI of all your actions by gaining knowledge of your media mix impact.

End online fraud and gain control

Immediately identify the levers that wastes your budget by not respecting their role with our anti-fraud technology. Thanks to our “Business Driven” scoring, audit and control your partners in the blink of an eye to master your budget.

Optimize your online budgets and make your data reliable

Thanks to our technology that combines business expertise and artificial intelligence, rely on real-time data to make the right budget decisions thanks to the daily insights from Marketing Studio.

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Expertise and solid support that allow us to make rapid progress both on our internal projects (redesign) and on getting started with new tools such as GA4 or Marketing Studio. Thanks to the teams

Sarah Akli
Ecommerce & CRM manager, Payot

Great technical support on creating a dashboard in Looker Studio, with GA4 data. Thanks to the whole team!

Marie Semanne
Web Analyst

I use Marketing Studio more than Google Analytics to manage my online acquisition!

Agathe Caron
Acquisition Manager, Mademoiselle Bio

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The Alphalyr data platform, dedicated to retail, accelerates the implementation of your projects to optimize decisions via AI. Everything is done to simplify your life and accelerate your projects for a decisive impact on your margins. Right now.

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