Energize your sales with targeted promotions and discounts

Energize Sales with AI-Targeted Promotions and Precise Discounts. Our AI-driven promotion management system allows for precise, localized discount strategies, ensuring peak performance across all sales channels.

Optimize your stock with smart restocking

Our restocking system uses AI to optimize stock transfer not only between warehouses and stores but also between stores themselves, moving stock to where it generates the most value. Ensure maximum product availability while reducing surpluses.

Take control of your purchase budget accurately

Our solution improve your Open-to-Buy strategy, allowing you to manage your purchasing budget with unparalleled precision. Plan future purchases with confidence, based on predictive data to make informed buying decisions.

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The Revenue Studio installation was done in two weeks! Fast, efficient and bug-free, it's a pleasure.

Nicolas Boussac,
Director of Planning and Inventory Management

With Revenue Studio, it's a new era of product lifecycle management, from Europe to Japan!

Sylvain Cheret
Supply Chain Director, Petit Bateau

The Alphalyr team is very responsive. His innovative solution revolutionized the way we manage sales at Galeries Lafayette.

Olivier Josso
Merchandise Planning Director, Galleries Lafayette

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The Alphalyr data platform, dedicated to retail, accelerates the implementation of your projects to optimize decisions via AI. Everything is done to simplify your life and accelerate your projects for a decisive impact on your margins. Right now.

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